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So, anyway, I wrote a book. In addition to a library of horse-related notebooks and journals I've created, this was a book years in the making, that needed to be written.

The world isn't all sunshine and blue sky, no matter how many uplifting signs from Hobby Lobby you hang on your walls with all kinds of 'house rules' that say the domain you rule behind your door is all peace and light, and here's where the laundry is done, because you have a sign for that too. It's filled with people that can't wait to come along and fuck up your Chi because that's how they operate. Your house rules and your Live, Love, Laugh signs don't mean squat to them, because they know better.

They know what you need, what's the 'real' truth you should believe, what you should want and how you should live, and they aren't afraid to tell you how you're doing it all wrong.

While a great number of these people are tigers in the business world, the kind that hand out self-help books like a Pez dispenser to fix the broken huddled masses beneath their feet to increase productivity (enter some reason) and validate their astute criticisms of same (mostly why they do it), they rarely possess the kind of self-awareness that makes them purchase exactly the self-help book they need.

So I wrote one: The Ultimate Daily Affirmation Journal for Empowerment Of That Narcissist You Know.

Modeled after the popular "daily affirmation" journals, for 13 weeks/91 days/3 months this book tasks them with repeating a certain daily phrase in their own handwriting, as to ingrain that particular concept. It includes 'power words' each week, and a recap at week's end to reflect on their accomplishments. 

All through the lens of... a narcissist. Or, someone who exhibits narcissistic behaviors. (After all, I'm not a mental health professional. But I have known some narcissists.)

Face it, they already believe most of this garbage. It's nothing new. They live it every day. It's how they're wired. Chances are they've said or done something straight off the page, already.

It's what they do.

And if you know a narcissist, reason and logic doesn't apply. Your best argument against their objectionable behavior is deflected like Kryptonite. In fact, it usually causes them to double down and become even more resolute.

It's how they operate.

You won't stop them. 

Taking a different approach, why not encourage them?

This book is like catnip. You don't give catnip to a cat to settle them down, you give them catnip to sit back and watch the freak show.

It's entertainment.

This is you taking the high road, saying, "Go ahead, you just go right ahead and be the best narcissist you can be. Here's some fuel for the fire."

Let them believe they really have all the answers. They're on the right track. It's alright to think everyone else is stupid and needs to be straightened out, and the only reason someone might object is because they are too dim to know what's best for them, or because they're jealous, or lazy, or out to get them, don't believe their whopping lies, are weary of their self-aggrandizing, or because they don't want to follow the path they, in their wisdom, believe other people should walk.

Let them think that. After all, it is their essence. You maybe earn some brownie points giving them a book that feeds their ego instead of being sucked into yet another pointless, emotionally abusive, energy-sapping argument, with possibly some gaslighting as a parting shot.

This is a great gift - even anonymous - for that creepy boss that runs his organization like Hitler's campaign into Russia and wonders why you aren't a team player, your cheating spouse, that one asshole friend you have that is a fountain of 'helpful' criticism, the ones that don't respect boundaries because their input is too important, the jerk boyfriend of your nice best friend (leave it in his car, like an air freshener), that super fit plastic-surgeried B that actually looks great and can't understand why everyone doesn't invest 50k for great boobs and a new face, your superficial friends, your crazy uncle that talks politics and bootstraps every Christmas...

The guest list is endless.

They're everywhere.

They be them, and you be you.

But you'll be happier. That's why we buy catnip.

Buy my book on Amazon. Or buy two, because they tend to run in herds.

Peace out.

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