The Unforgotten

Is it a great Western novel? Is it book about cowboys? Is it an old cardboard VHS tape case of a spaghetti Western? Could that be genuine fake leather on the cover? The Unforgotten looks like a neat-o regular book on the shelf, but it's your lifesaver. 

Everyone forgets logins and passwords, because there are too many to remember. Of course you can't find that one certain installation CD serial number you need when you need to re-install or upgrade software. When your computer crashes, you don't have access to all that 'gotta have it' information you stored. Now, keep all your vital information in one handy book to have nearby for emergencies. 

This 6x9 book is sectioned A through Z with plenty of pages (214) to add or update emails, usernames, passwords, important websites, and list your installed software and serial numbers. (The perfect gift for your parents.) For when you forget, there's The Unforgotten. Get it from Amazon.

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