Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner

Bick 4 Leather Conditioner
Basic leather color unchanged after using Bick 4, except the piece on the right is brighter, cleaner, and in better condition than the untreated piece on the left.

I've kept Bick 4 in my toolkit for years as a conditioner for light oil tack, or items where it's important to preserve the original color. I've used it on everything from light oil silver headstalls, buckstitched items, saddles, handbags, shoes, ostrich boots, and even smoothie chaps, with great results.

I consider Bick 4 a medium-duty conditioner, though with multiple applications I've been able to rehab some pretty dry and neglected pieces of tack while maintaining its original color.

Bick 4 leaves little-to-no residue, making it ideal for tooled saddles and pieces with a lot of detail. Unlike some of the heavier-duty conditioners, it isn't prone to buildup in deeply tooled areas, isn't sticky or waxy, and doesn't attract dust and dirt. Tack treated with Bick 4 tends to stay cleaner, longer. It also helps to prevent water spots on light oil tack. Even light oil curb straps, ear pieces, and areas that tend to get really grimy and dark are better protected and maintain their color much better with regular use of Bick 4.

A little buffing with a heavy cotton T shirt gives the leather a nice, mellow shine afterwards, making it an ideal finish for show tack.

I love this stuff, wouldn't be without it, and have recommended it to my friends for years.

"a wax and chemical-free product that will not seal pores of leather"


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