Oakwood Leather Conditioner

Oakwood Leather Conditioner
For leather in poor condition or leather in good condition, Oakwood Leather Conditioner (Australia) is the shotgun approach to making it all better, or maintaining status quo. If Passier Lederbalsam is the elite solution, Oakwood Leather Conditioner is its hardworking, blue collar, cousin.

Oakwood does an excellent job softening stiff leather, adding moisture to dead-dry leather, and restoring compromised leather to the best condition possible. If I had only one leather conditioner at my disposal, Oakwood would be it.

I've restored cardboard-dry saddle leather, crispy old leather halters, reins, boots - you name it - using Oakwood. That's not to say another product may not work, it's that I've found Oakwood to be so reliable it's the first product I reach for on abused leather. It penetrates well, it softens, it moisturizes - all the things neglected leather is lacking.

While it can't repair cracks and structural flaws, it does strengthen leather by adding deep-down pliability. I've had amazing results on vintage leather. Supposedly, this "Australian formula" also helps to prevent mold, though I can't attest to its effectiveness. I can say that none of the leather I've conditioned with Oakwood Leather Conditioner has developed mold, but that may be due solely to environment.

Oakwood Leather Conditioner can darken light leather, but I find this more the case with overly-dry leather, as it restores natural colors and oils lost to abuse. If in doubt, patch test first on an inconspicuous area. If maintaining a light color is a priority, I recommend giving Bickmore's Bick 4 a try.

"contains a careful balance of natural nourishing waxes and oils including lanolin, beeswax, emu oil, tea tree and eucalyptus oil"

Oakwood's website doesn't list Oakwood Leather Conditioner's ingredients, per se, but it does detail which ingredients are in the different products in its equine products lineup, and what they do. In that respect, Oakwood is a lot more forthcoming with information than most.


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