Easy, Peasy, Texas Breezy: Marie Ivey

Marie Ivey
If you live in another state and visit Texas, you'll get it. The Texans have it, but don't know it. There's an ease and comfort there that's hard to explain without experiencing it firsthand, but once you have, you'll never forget. I feel I've carried a little piece of Texas with me forever. I remember the breeze, the smell of grass in the rolling hills, the dust, the heat, and that perfect cold beer under the stars on a hot summer night.

Texas is cowboys and cowgirls, cattle and horses. It's big trucks, endless barbecue, good music and margaritas. It's one of my favorite places, and some of my favorite people.

ready to rope 'n' ride
I think everyone in Texas knows how to rope. Marie does.
One of my favorite people that is Texas through-and-through is Marie Ivey, and in that offhanded, casual, Texas sort of way, she's good at a lot of things.

Marie ropes. I can't. Marie barrel races. I don't. Marie is a beader. I'm not.

roping on coin operated horse
Don't rub it in, Marie. We know you can rope.
And it seems whatever Marie puts her mind to, she excels. Marie wanted to be a champion barrel racer, and she is. Marie wanted to be a champion pole bender, and she is. Marie took a stab at stake racing, and another world champion title. Remarkably, she accomplished this all on a horse she trained and maintains herself, 2004 APHA gelding Shastas Colonel Moka "Moks."

Marie's first trip to the 2009 APHA World Championship Show took her to Top 5 in SBP (Solid Paint Bred) Barrel Racing and Reserve World Champion Stake Race. Pretty respectable, but she wasn't satisfied.

2009 APHA Reserve World Champion
2009 APHA SPB Reserve World Champion Stake Race, Top 5 Barrel Racing
She returned to the APHA World Show in 2010 with her game face on. She came home with her second Top 5 in Barrel Racing, her second Reserve World Champion Stake Race, and a bonus Reserve World Champion Pole Bending title.

reserve world champion APHA SPB
2010 APHA SPB Top 5 Barrel Racing, Reserve World Champion Pole Bending, Reserve World Champion Stakes Race
Marie and Moks made their third APHA World Show appearance in 2011, culminating in 3 world championships. She broke her previous Top 5 wins in barrels, becoming that year's World Champion. She also lost her bridesmaid status, and went from former Reserve World Champion to World Champion in not only Stakes Race, but Pole Bending.

2011 APHA SPB World Champion Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Stakes Race
2011 APHA SPB World Champion Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Stakes Race. Three jackets, 3 buckles, 3 World Champion ribbons.

2011 APHA SPB Barrel Racing World Champion. Their photo was featured in the Paint Horse Journal.
After three trips to the APHA World Show, and reaching some pretty lofty goals she set for herself, Marie settled back to country life back home in Texas. She roped, ran barrels and poles, kept her horse tuned at home, and held down a very responsible full time job. That seems to be the story with some many top non-pro riders, and their dedication amazes me. They want it, and they make it happen, no matter what. In Texas, that's just how it's done. "It's no big thing," they'd drawl, if you got any response beyond a simple shrug.

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