Passier Lederbalsam

Passier Lederbalsam
Over the years, Passier Lederbalsam (Germany) has secured its position as a favorite leather conditioner for saddles, bridlework, boots, handbags - just about anything leather, and with good cause. Its blend of oils and waxes penetrate to strengthen leather, maintain moisture, and offer protection from water and sweat. As an added bonus, it smells scrumptious!

Passier Lederbalsam is textured much like Vaseline, though firmer (waxier?) in moderate temperatures. It does have a low melting point, and absorbs easily at room temperature. The warmer the temperature, the faster it absorbs.

I usually apply Passier Lederbalsam to cleaned leather with my fingers, rubbing in thoroughly. After it's absorbed, you can buff with a soft cloth to a nice sheen. Really, it's simple as it gets, yet it maintains leather beautifully.

Because Passier Lederbalsam has been around for decades, longtime users swear to its ability to keep their equipment looking and feeling great year after year. I feel it's unsurpassed to keep work tack and vintage saddles supple, strong, and looking classy.

Petrolatum, Parafinum Liquidum, Destillates (Peroleum) Hydrotreated Light Paraffinic, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, Lanolin, Cera Alba, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Paraffin, Parfum, CI12700

Passier Lederbalsam is one of the few tack conditioners on the market that reveals its active ingredients (via Amazon). It shares some similar ingredients to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.


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